Frequently Asked Questions and contact information

How long will it take for my book to come?
Depending on when you placed your order, it will take up to 3 weeks for your first book to arrive, and then you will receive a new book every month.

How can I change my child's name/hairstyle/hair colour/complexion/eyes/gender?
You can change your child's name and character by logging onto My Account and updating the details – remember to save changes. The next book will arrive with the new, updated character.

Can I choose which books I order?
beans&sparks is a subscription service and features a new book each month. When you join, you will receive your personalised version of that month's story.

I have more than one child – can they share one subscription?
We currently offer one child per subscription, but you can change your child's name and character description at any time. This means you can gift each episode to a different child if you wish.

I don't want to subscribe – do you do one-offs?
At the moment, we do not offer one-off orders.

Can I return a book?
As the books are personalised with your child's name and character, we are unable to accept returns.

What should I do if my book fails to arrive, is damaged, or has a mistake in it?
Please email our customer service team at with details.

Where do you deliver to?
At the moment, we can deliver to any UK address.

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription by logging on to My Account and updating your details.

Who writes the books?
A team of experienced writers and educational specialists provide all the content for our beans&sparks titles. Our planning and research is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage and we consult with teachers and child psychologists.

Can I order as a gift?
A subscription can be taken out as a gift. Please make sure you fill out both the delivery address and billing address.

Is there a delivery charge?
Delivery is included in the monthly subscription fee.

How secure is the payment process?
To ensure the highest level of security, your card details are encrypted and payments are taken using a trustworthy payment provider who is a part of the PayPal organisation.

How do I claim and receive beans&sparks Rewards?
Your child earns a badge for every book they star in and can claim a reward for every five badges collected. Badges are displayed in the Rewards section of My Account, with details of any rewards earned and how to claim them.

Still not found the info you are looking for? Please drop us an email at